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Horn needed for Republican interviews
Letter To The Editor

From Dave Searles


To the Editor: 

Host Kristen Welker of NBC’s Meet the Press needs to have an air horn or buzzer to hit every time some darn Republican lies, goes off on a tangent of bull crap or avoids saying “yes” or “no” to a yes or no question and spouts more bull crap to avoid answering questions they do not want to answer.  

One of the guests on this past Sunday’s edition was U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) who denied, lied, went off on a tangent of bull crap, and refused to answer yes or no to questions requiring a yes or no answer. Scott called NBC an extension of the Democratic Party. It was a disgusting display.  

Scott wants to be Trump’s running mate. He’s dreaming or hallucinating if he thinks Trump will seriously consider him.  

Of course, an air horn or buzzer will not only work on Republicans but also on Democrats, but would never or very rarely necessarily need to be used.