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Holmes: Phillipson is all in for Green County
Letter To The Editor

From Carol Holmes

New Glarus

To the Editor: 

On April 6th those of us living in Green County have the opportunity to vote for a new County Circuit Court Judge. As I prepare to cast my vote, I have pondered what my personal criteria are for someone filling this role. The following four characteristics represent what I am looking for in a candidate:

●  Deep understanding of the culture of Green County

●  Wide breadth and deep depth of legal experience

●  Non-partisan

●  Evidence of commitment to the common good

Faun Marie Phillipson is a member of a five generation Green County family. She knows and understands the people of our county. She received her K-12 education in New Glarus, got her undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and received her law degree from New York. She is comfortable in other environments, but is at home here. 

Faun has 20 years of litigation experience in state and federal courts. As owner of her own general law practice in New York, New Jersey, and New Glarus, she has a rich background that includes criminal, civil, business, and family law.  

During these deeply divided political times, her declaration of non-partisanship is most welcome as it promises an open mind and fairness for all who would appear in her courtroom. 

She has quietly demonstrated her commitment to working for the common good as she has been a sponsor of mock trials for New Glarus High School students, done pro bono work for Green County Family Law, tutored adults throughout the county, and served on both the New Glarus Library and Swiss Center boards. 

I am proud of my opportunity to vote for Faun Philipson, and I hope that others will choose to do the same.

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