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Go back to the values you once had
Letter To The Editor

From Diana Vance


To the Editor:

What it is like for the poor in India? Many are lying in the gutters of the streets and have had no food for a long time. Mother Teresa goes to them, lifts them up and tries to feed them some rice.

One man would not take the rice. Finally she asked him why. He said “I have forgotten how to eat.”

Granted we hope it is not like that here in our country. I have no statistics and hopefully no one has gone without food for so  long they have forgotten how to eat.

But there are people starving. When the federal government tries to get money to feed and help them, some of us resent that saying “They (the poor) refused to work.”

This may be some of the reasons. They may be too weak. They are uneducated in how to do even basic jobs. Their parents had nothing they knew to teach them. Why do they have children? Perhaps the closeness of sex was the one “love” they had in their lives.

Statistics do show that many Americans are lonely, or so busy working to earn more money so they  have no time for friends. Are friends important? I read a news story that asked “Who are the happiest people in the world?” 

“The Danish people,” was what they discovered. WHY? They work but on the weekend or holidays they spend their time with friends or family, eating together, talking, See the children grow and ask what are thy doing? Things like that.

Barbara Streisand sang a song so true: “People Need People.”

Please, buying and buying. Money and money is not going to do it. Go back to the values you once had. You might have to be the first to do this. When friends ask you tell them how this change has made you different, because it will. You will make new friends. Go to the parks with your kids or by yourself. Nature will help you. Simplify. Go to the library!