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Douglas: City and RFD need mutual agreement
Letter To The Editor

From Donna Douglas

Monroe alder

To the Editor and the citizens of Monroe, 

During the most trying time for the City of Monroe Common Council members, we have been faced with numerous challenges.

The most recent action of our council was on January 18th when we were asked to approve the recommendation of the City Planning Commission for a change of zoning from” mixed use” to an “Institutional” conditional use. 

Upon the results of a tie vote 4-4 by alders (Brooke Bauman, absent) the Mayor had the opportunity break the tie vote, which was a no vote, therefore the request failed.

Every member of the Planning Commission that was present at the December 9, 2020 meeting voted “yes” to approve the request for the change of the zoning petition at 840 W. 8th Street. As chairperson of the Planning Commission, the Mayor’s vote was the only negative vote at that meeting. 

My question is “why do we have commissions and committees of the City CounciI? I see this as a lack of respect for commissioners, committee members, and ultimately, duly elected City Alders, that represent the citizens of our community, with the best interests of the majority of you, our constituents.  A considerable amount of time is dedicated to our duties.

Current volunteer firefighters have over 470 years of dedicated service to our community which needs to be recognized and supported.  Saving lives and protecting property is a priority for public safety not only for the of City of Monroe, but the surrounding townships of Clarno and Monroe. 

We need to come to a mutual agreement and not destroy 162 years of a volunteer Monroe Fire Department and the newly created Monroe Rural Fire District.  

There is a dark cloud of smoke hanging over the City of Monroe right now!