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Donald Trump excites his base with mythical stories
Letter To The Editor

From Diana Vance


To the Editor:

I have several reasons why I think Donald Trump is a danger to every American. First he is immoral. An example of that is he has said that if he wants to do something illegal when he is the president he said he has friends who will commit that crime because he told them he would pardon them. He is misusing his powers.

I heard on the television a psychiatrist say, “Mr. Trump is a sadist.” I do not think I need to write more to that piece of information.

One thing I ask you to learn is that Trump is a fascist and that is why he lies constantly.

What fascist politics does is to convince people to disassociate from reality. A fascist gets them to sign onto this fantasy version of reality.

Fascists tell about a glorious past that has been lost and Trump taps into this nostalgia.

He tells his base they are victims of a government that is for the wealthy and he and he alone can return their lives to how it was. Yes he will make them great again. All he asks is their loyalty after he creates this mythical reality.

With his television experience he knows how to entertain and artfully convince. And if a fascist leader wins the election, then he takes everything away from  his base.

But what he is doing with these fantasies and his continual lying is going to really hurt his base because they pledged loyalty to this horrible liar, put their trust in him and if he is elected everything he promised will be gone.

What is needed are groups to learn about how fascism works and I hope this letter has helped you to understand that he lies to his base and uses fascist techniques to excite his base. He tells lies that entertain. He must have put in a great deal of time preparing all this. But he is a natural liar.

I can imagine him lying to our friendly countries. I can imagine him selling secret documents. The list is endless.