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Rufer: Democrat lies
Letter To The Editor

From Gene Rufer


To the Editor:

It was ironic to read that President Trump is filled with lies, and infidelity. Biden does nothing but lie. His lies go back 40 years. Bidens lies, quite often don’t even make any common sense to believe. He started out that he was top of his law class… but had to drop out because of poor grades. He brags about his driving an 18-wheeler, which he never did. He spent years traveling over the Scott Key Bridge, commuting to Washington DC, again never happened. For years he denied knowing anything about Hunters business dealings, which he did know all about his business and was gaining financially. In his acceptance speech on Jan 21, 2021 he said he was going to unite Americans, which was a big lie on his part, because he divided Americans. Unfortunately for him he actually did unite Americans because more and more Americans are fed up with the Biden regime and are uniting behind Trump. He lies about the great secure border and that he can’t stop the onslaught of illegals. Well, the border is wide open after being very secure under President Trump. Biden could be a leader and restrict the border influx if he wanted.

He criticized Trump for having classified documents, which Trump had every right to have them because he was president when those documents were taken to Mar a Lago and he had every right to declassify them. Biden had Highly Classified documents in 3 different places and one of them was a garage. Documents he had no right to have because he was only a senator or VP. 

To top it all off he told a dwindling supply of supporters that his uncle who was shot down in New Guinea during WW2 that he was eaten by cannibals. Well, he was eaten by sharks because his plane went down in the ocean. His claim didn’t set well with the Prime Minister of New Guinea.  

It’s great to read that Biden is so moral since he hit on a married woman. Jill was married when Joe had an affair with her. All you have to do is look up her first husband Bill Stevenson. If the left would watch REAL news occasionally, they would know the truth about the lies.

Americans better watch some real, truthful news before the November election. Our leaders are skipping socialism and heading straight towards communism.