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Clark: Phillipson cares for GC
Letter To The Editor

From Angie Clark

New Glarus

To the Editor: 

I am writing to show my support for Faun Marie Phillipson for Green County Circuit Court Judge. I would never write a letter in which I would tell you not to vote for the other candidate as I have immense respect for both women in this race. However, I will write a letter as to why I think you should vote for Faun from the perspective of a Green County parent. I’ve known Faun since I was introduced to her over 12 years ago when she was volunteering as a coach for the New Glarus Mock Trial team where she gave her valuable time and expertise to both my children during their high school years. Faun volunteered in each of the six years my children participated in mock trial. She took extra time out of her day to help educate my children on how to make persuasive arguments from both a prosecutor’s and defense attorney’s standpoint. More critically she taught them valuable life lessons on how to be confident, the importance of speaking up for oneself and others, and helped them realize that they could be anything they wanted. I believe that shows Faun’s true character: that she cares about the children of or community and invests in them. As a Green County judge, she will make decisions that are best for our community and its members.