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Burke: Vote no to South Wayne referendum
Letter To The Editor

Tim Burke


To the Editor: 

A message to Voters in the Black Hawk School District. When the School Board wanted to close the Gratiot School the Gratiot Village Board argued it was mistake. Some of the reasons we listed for not closing Gratiot were:

1. The Gratiot Building was in much better shape than the old part of the South Wayne Building.

2. Gratiot is ADA (American’s With Disability Act) accessible.

3. Gratiot has a Gym and Black Hawk needs two Gyms.

The School Board still uses the Gratiot Gym at a very minimal cost.

In 2021 the Black Hawk School Board wants $ 14.2 Million of your dollars to build a new building in South Wayne. Reasons listed include:

1. The old part of the South Wayne Building is in bad shape and needs to be replaced.

2. South Wayne is not ADA accessible.

3. The School Board wants to build a 2nd Gym in South Wayne.

Anyone seeing a pattern here?

The Gratiot Building is now in better shape than when Black Hawk abandoned it!

I am urging everyone to vote this referendum down in April and tell the Black Hawk School Board to come up with a new plan. I believe this was the plan from the start; get rid of the Gratiot School and build a new School in South Wayne.

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