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Blank: CCAP reveals supervisor candidate’s questionable decisions
Letter To The Editor

From Judith Blank

New Glarus

To the Editor:

In a recent letter to the editor, Mr. Dale Hustad pointed out that candidates for public office should expect that their backgrounds will be reviewed; I thank him for introducing the online database of the Wisconsin Court System, CCAP ( I had a look and encourage you to do the same.

Residents of Green County District 25 are smart. They understand that two incompatible things can be true at the same time. For example, one can be a generally affable and generally liked person, while having engaged in behavior which makes them inappropriate to serve in certain elected positions.

The most fundamental duty of a Green County Supervisor is responsible management of public funds — i.e. our hard-earned tax dollars. According to CCAP Ron Roesslein, in his personal capacity, has exhibited grave financial irresponsibility which makes him unfit, in my opinion, to serve as our Green County Supervisor.

I refer also to the recent letter from Mr. Mark Asleson of Asleson Hardware in Stoughton. CCAP reveals that Ron has not just that one, but thirteen — a full Baker’s Dozen — judgments against him for a wide array of financial improprieties.

If you have a look at CCAP you will find:

●  Court judgments against Ron totaling more than $170,000;

●  Two foreclosure judgments;

●  Judgments regarding failure to pay contractors such as Mr. Asleson, and

●  Various judgments for unpaid taxes.

Residents of Green County District 25 are smart — they’ll know how to weigh these facts in their vote on 2 April for Green County Board Supervisor, District 25.