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Bauman: Vote Dan Bartholf
Letter To The Editor

Brooke Bauman


To the Editor:

The residents of Green County are faced with a tough decision in the upcoming Spring Primary by having many qualified candidates for the office of Green County Circuit Court Judge. Although we may feel obligated to vote for the person whom we know best through personal experiences or the person who has political endorsements that align with ours (despite the office of Circuit Court Judge being non-partisan and therefore should remain free from political endorsements of any kind), it is important to realize that we should be selecting the most qualified person who will best discharge the duties of their office. Finding the most qualified candidate falls back on the voters to do their research. Thanks to the Green County Bar Association, they made the process of getting to know the candidates easier. Although I appreciated the forum, I still felt like I needed to get to know more about the candidates. To do so, I reached out to the people that work closely with the candidates in the Green County Courthouse. Overwhelmingly, the response was that Daniel R. Bartholf was their choice for Green County Circuit Court Judge.  

The variety of cases that Mr. Bartholf has been involved in over the years outnumbers the other candidates. Although other candidates may have been involved in more cases, the complexity and variety of those cases lacks greatly in comparison to the cases in which Mr. Bartholf has been involved. As Circuit Court Judge, we need someone with experience in a wide variety of complex cases. A judge needs to be prepared for whatever may come into their courtroom. As in many aspects, this is another case of quality outweighing quantity.  

When looking for a good candidate for judge, you need someone with ability to interpret and apply the law; has trial or other similar experience that ensures knowledge of the law and courtroom procedures; has a record of excellent character and integrity; is fair, firm, and compassionate; has record of community involvement; and possesses a desire to improve the quality of justice. Based on my conversations with those that know the candidates, Mr. Bartholf is the only candidate with all of these qualities. He is the only candidate that will bring a balance of holding those accountable for their actions, while being compassionate. 

I encourage you to vote for the most qualified person for Green County Circuit Judge, Daniel R. Bartholf.