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Letter to the editor: Workshops are a vital component
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From Ulonda Dietmeier


To the editor:

Workshops are a vital component in the life of a person with intellectual disabilities. It provides them with a job, of having a sense of worth and productivity which yields a paycheck ... just like their other family members.

Those adults with disabilities, residing in this area, presently have the satisfaction of employment at Greenco Industries, Inc. The law now permits the work center to time a supervisor producing each product to set the standard. Each employee's daily production is recorded and they are paid in the same ratio as their production compares with that of the supervisor's. This right to pay in proportion to production is vital to the work centers in Wisconsin remaining open. Please contact legislators:

Sen. Tammy Baldwin, 717 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510; Sen. Ron Johnson, 328 Hart Senate office Building, Washington, DC 20510; Rep. Mark Pocan, 313 Common House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515. Use your computer or the library's:, and