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Letter to the editor: Whoever understands currency market should be next president
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To the editor:

By the time this letter comes out, we will have had the first Democratic presidential debate. The two leading Democratic candidates are Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Now the question is, of these two candidates, who do you think is the best candidate who best understands the currency market?

My choice would be Sen. Elizabeth Warren but she's not running. She understands the hedge fund dealers controlling the big investment banks and the danger that toxic derivatives are having in our currency market, as well as the world currency market.

The Republican Party has only one candidate who might understand the market because he says the hedge fund dealers are getting away with murder, which they are but it doesn't explain how the toxic derivatives are affecting the world trading markets like Bernie Sanders is because Bernie is absolutely against TPP (Trans-pacific Partnership), which is the worst of all the trade pacts made up to now.

It's so bad that, up to now, our currency has been controlling the world trade market that countries like China and India might start their own currency markets. We, as a country, couldn't do much to stop them either because we have borrowed so much money from them to get our bills paid, it's impossible to challenge them unless we decide to raise the top federal income tax rate higher than 39.6 percent, plug up all those tax loopholes billionaires are using and then we could pay our own bills.

The Democrats are having a good debate, while the Republican Party can't have a debate because they have only one candidate who might understand the growing currency market problem. That is: What is a real asset? If you were running a big banking system, would you want it filled with gold or silver and land contracts that you are holding with family farmers to make sure they control the price of land, as well as the quality of the food they're producing, so that we don't end up with products that contain a log of GMOs that the European economy has turned down, country after country?

Bernie Sanders supports a financial transaction tax (also known as the Robin Hood Tax.) He says you have to get the richest 1 percent to pay their fair share and quit buying Congress. Support the United to Amend group to get big money out of politics.