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Letter to the editor: Where is public outcry over Planned Parenthood?
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From Dennis Potter


To the editor:

I see in today's paper (July 30) the top big story headline, "Dentist who killed lion in seclusion." Let me first of all say that I don't hunt and don't even own a gun, but I sure don't have the slightest problem with people that do and I'm not defending this dentist either, that's not my issue here. My issue is with our society and how this story has gotten more headlines and more media time than all four of those videos from the "Center for Medical Progress" on Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts put together.

Your article gave out this dentist's hometown, age, number of children, type of practice, other hunting charges and more. What do we know about these baby butchers? Have they had to go off into seclusion? I don't think so. In fact, I'm hearing a lot of the big name Democrats standing right behind Planned Parenthood and bringing the videos into suspect. Why am I not surprised?

That brings me back to our society today. Many of the same people that are decrying this dentist for killing a lion, a animal that was lured from his safe zone in a wild life preserve, are not only stone silent when it comes to ending the life of a human baby in what is suppose to be it safest place on earth, but stand behind the people that do it.