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Letter to the editor: What's a citizen to do?
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From William Holland


To the editor:

I read and agree with Diana Vance's recent letter, however, she is being too charitable. Call a spade a spade. These crooked politicians care for one thing - themselves.

Our founding fathers looked forward to citizen legislators managing the affairs of our government. These citizens, after a term or two would return to their home and resume their previous jobs.

Current legislators, once elected, must raise money from rich benefactors, who get legislation favoring their business. The politician must produce or the well will dry up. These multi-term people are career politicians, who care for nothing more than getting elected to retain power.

Democrats and Republicans are no different in this game. Currently Republicans are working for the 1 percent at the expense of the 99 percent. "One-percent Walker" is just doing what comes naturally. And the majority of citizens are following him like lemmings, off the cliff.

The only honest politician is one who will push for term limits. No incumbent will get my vote. Only term limits will solve the cesspool of our political system, allowing the common citizen to lead the country for the good of all, not just the 1 percent.