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Letter to the editor: Walker deserves an F grade as governor
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To the editor:

When Gov. Scott Walker began his first term, he slashed funding for public schools but handed money to for-profit voucher schools. Of course they contributed to his campaign and they don't meet same standards. The Republicans in the legislature went along. He said the school weren't good but they were ranked in upper quarter.

Compared to other states, Walker's job creation were at 32 percent and by this June had fallen to 42nd. He created WEDC that gave away loans. One company sent jobs overseas and many loans aren't being paid on time. Walker hired the people in charge. He is against raising minimum wage and unions because the Koch brothers told him to be.

Republicans are against raising the minimum wage and don't think construction workers deserve good pay but they voted to raise their per diem pay which they get while in session and also taxpayer pay for all their food while they're in session on top of their regular pay which is good for a part-time job. They don't want people getting food help from the federal government to buy high priced fish but I bet they don't eat the cheapest food. When I was first able to vote, the legislature went into session in January, passed a new budget and went home by end of February. Now they sit there, passing bad bills, some of which have been ruled unconstitutional after the Attorney General wasted money trying to defend. Of course their gerrymandering was only thrown out in one area.

Walker is against women's rights, canceling equal pay and defunding Planned Parenthood where women without health care could get health screenings and contraception pills to plan their family.

Minnesota funded their public schools, raising the minimum. They have more jobs and less unemployment, a higher medium wage, and the state has a surplus while Wisconsin is piling up a deficit.

But the worst thing is voter suppression. They shortened early voting hours in Madison and Milwaukee so many people have to stand in line for hours and they want them to not vote. Now they claim we need ID when the newspaper hasn't been reporting people that say they are someone else to vote. It shouldn't cost to vote but anyone without a driver's license would have to pay for a birth certificate to get one. Why are they against people voting? Vote.