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Letter to the editor: Vote for Matley for school board
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By Kurt and Teri Ellefson


To the editor:

On April 4, we will have the opportunity to vote for the future members of the Monroe school board. This is an important time for our schools and we believe that today's students and all future generations deserve the best our community has to offer.

We have lived our entire lives in the Monroe school district. Both of us graduated from Monroe High School and feel fortunate that our children were provided with the opportunity to attend our great schools. Because we believe in a great community, we believe that candidate Nikki Matley is highly qualified to be a member of our school board. Nikki has been involved with many activities that enhance the quality of life for Monroe residents. Her work helps provide current and future generations the opportunities that help make our community grow. We recently had the pleasure and honor to work with Nikki on the Say YES! To Monroe Schools committee. The referendum that passed will help provide the necessary funding for our schools to continue to provide needed educational programs for our children.

Nikki is passionate about our community and will be a hardworking and open-minded board member who will work diligently to ensure that the children attending our schools receive a quality education. Gaining the skills to succeed in today's world has never been more important for our students and it's critical that we do all we can to provide opportunities for our young people to grow and excel. Nikki has continually demonstrated her dedication to our community by volunteering her time and talents towards many organizations. In addition, with two children attending Monroe schools, Nikki is very in touch with how our district affects students and their families.

We believe Nikki will be committed to doing her very best to do everything she can to make our schools better every day for all our students.