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Letter to the editor: Trump showed lack of soul
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From Diana Vance


To the editor:

There was a surprise at President Trump's speech to the Congress Tuesday night. It came when he asked the young widow of the Navy SEAL killed in a raid in Yemen to stand up. The room burst into applause but that did not stop her from shedding tears of loss and looking up unable to stop crying. She was the bravest person in the room.

Her tremendous love and her grief for her dead husband showed she should have been left in private. But her husband did what his commander-in-chief told him to do. Perhaps for her husband's sake and bravery she did it even though President Trump was not in the Situation Room when the attack in Yemen took place. He was having dinner with three of his advisors and gave the okay.

There were those at the speech who maybe thought President Trump did a good thing inviting her to his speech. But her face showed it all. He put her through hell. And the cameras caught the faces of the generals. They were filled with hate and disgust when they looked at President Trump. Surely he should have been in the Situation Room. That's presidential.

Truly his voice had the tone of a president but with all the vocal experience he has had on his television shows, he is an experienced speaker. And reading the speech off a teleprompter helped as well.

The Wednesday newsmen gave President Trump good points for being presidential but his asking the navy SEAL's widow who came because her commander-in-chief asked her, showed a soullessness in Donald Trump.