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Letter to the editor: School board member wrong on athlete's trip to Kansas
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From John Prien


To the editor:

I would like to offer a cactus plant full of sharp thorns to Monroe school board member Brian Keith.

What an honor for Jordan Hirsbrunner to be able to participate in the Kansas Relays in April. This is a meet for "elite" athletes of track and field and she will be competing against many of the best teenage competitors in the Midwest (if not the nation.)

According to WIAA rules, any district employee may accompany the athletes. It doesn't have to be a coach. By the way, Cory Hirsbrunner (Jordan's mother and superintendent of Monroe schools) probably knows as much about coaching track (especially the high jump) as any coach in the Monroe system.

I also feel Coach Matt Davis was 100 percent correct in the way he explained the situation to his team (as was outlined in the March 28 edition of the Monroe Times.)

Mr. Keith wants all the kids to be able to take part, and they will, against others of their same caliber in Sauk Prairie on the same day. Everyone gets to compete, just not all at the same venue. What more could be fair? An elite track athlete such as Jordan doesn't come around every day, and I don't believe she is the first Monroe athlete, to be honored, to take part in such a prestigious event as the Kansas Relays.

Cory Hirsbrunner is the logical choice to accompany Jordan to Kansas.

I also commend Coach Davis for how he did explain the situation to his athletes. That's what coaches do.

I'm sorry, Brian, but this time you deserve a sharp "barb." I'm glad the rest of the board got it right.

Here's wishing all spring sports teams an enjoyable, safe and healthy season.