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Letter to the Editor: Rise up to take state back
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From Robin Rouby Monroe To the editor: Not only has the GOP gerrymandered our state to the degree that even though Republicans got less than half the popular vote, they won two-thirds of the legislature and two-thirds of the congressional seats - now they are attempting to break state statutes requiring them to hold special elections to fill vacant seats when they know there's enough public outrage to lose them! This is not only outrageous, but unacceptable! If the people of this state don't wake up and rise up to take our state back from these Republicans there will be nothing left but the gigantic obscene mountains of debt they've left for us, our kids and our grandkids to pay off thanks to them funneling all of our hard-earned tax dollars into the corporate welfare and tax cuts to anyone who can write them a big check to stay in office!