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Letter to the editor: Only fake news we have is Donald Trump
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From LaVern F. Isely


To the editor:

President Donald Trump is somewhat right about fake news but not much. Most all the fake news is coming from Trump and his loyal follower, Rush Limbaugh, who both hate to pay their fair share of federal income tax. The fake news, for example, coming from Trump is "I'm smarter than all the generals," as well as the fact that he doesn't respect the CIA and the FBI.

Trump also doesn't have respect for public education or science because he doesn't believe in global warming. He also doesn't believe in our election system. He thinks the system is rigged because he didn't win the popular vote. As for our Wall Street bankers, he thinks they have too many regulations on them so he's going to get rid of the Dodd-Frank Bill.

Social Security is one of the few services in our government that is working like it's supposed to, considering the amount of personnel the Republican-controlled Congress will authorize. Now the Republicans think they should put the Social Security money in the stock market, while Democrats say the money should stay where it's at. I feel the same because they must be doing a great job because both political parties, Republicans and Democrats, are borrowing money from it, which they are supposed to repay and I'm not too sure they are going to do that. Each political party must explain how they are going to repay this money. I feel the one that does the best job of explaining how they are going to do it should run the government.

Social media is doing a great job of reporting the news accurately, starting with the Center for Media and Democracy, Daily Kos, Common Dreams, Facebook, Bloomberg, Nation of Change, Raw Story, Truthout,, Alternet, the Progressive Populist and others. Even Fox News, which had been leaning toward Trump, is starting to question him, the first one being Megyn Kelly, who Trump finally viciously exploded on.

I wonder what he's going to do with Chris Wallace when he questioned Reince Priebus, which I picked up on Raw Story written by Tom Boggioni on Feb. 19, titled ""That's What They Have in Dictatorships': Chris Wallace Rips Priebus for Wanting a "State-Run Media.'"

Some Republicans, like Sen. John McCain, are concerned how Trump is going to protect NATO against Russia. Trump changes his views from day to day.