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Letter to the editor: Nikki Matley for school board of Monroe
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From Joseph Najat


To the editor:

I consider myself among the fortunate to have been able to take advantage of the excellent school system in Monroe when I was younger. A strong educational system and resources are the bedrocks of the community locally and globally.

I have come to know Nikki Matley over the past few years as a member of Kiwanis Club and quickly came to know her as a prominent figure in the Monroe area. She is highly respected by the community for a variety of great reasons.

Beyond her outgoing personality, Nikki has the practical knowledge of parenting combined with wisdom, financial acumen, compassion and a strong drive to succeed. Nikki genuinely cares about the mutual success of others and the community.

I believe she would be a strong and positive force as a member of the Monroe School Board and I would not hesitate to recommend her for any position or task that she takes on.