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Letter to the editor: Let churches help the homeless
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To the editor:

In a recent letter Ms. Vance arbitrarily passed judgement on "Gov. Walker and his cronies" in the legislature. By contrasting the governor with those who are doing good deeds for the homeless, she implied that the "governor and his cronies" were bad or evil.

As many know, the governor has made it his priority to initiate a friendly employer and employee state head in Wisconsin. He knows it takes a good job to restore dignity to the homeless person. We need to teach folks how to fish rather than just throw them a minnow to eat with food stamps.

Where did we get the perverse idea that it is the state's role to foster the prevalent welfare mentality? We have whole families who have sucked tax-dollars out of welfare for four generations.

There is a responsibility here which would be best served by churches. There are more than 150 so-called Christian ministries in the Monroe area. Did not Christ himself say, "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself?" Perhaps that fellow out there who is cold and hungry could use a good neighbor like you to lend him a hand up and not just a hand out.

I remember a man who applied for a job as a prison guard. He had no decent boots to appear at the interview. He hoped the church he was a member of might loan him enough to purchase a new pair so he could look decent for the interview. He was told by the clergy that "they did not do that sort of thing." Is it any wonder we have so many broken and disenfranchised souls in our country?

I conclude with this: It is not the government's or the governor's role to feed the masses, provide health care, free college education, free housing, abortions, etc. on the backs of Wisconsin tax-payers.

Be careful not to call those policies which are good; bad or evil. Isaiah 5:20: "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil, that put darkness for light and light for darkness.

Ronald Reagan said this: "Government is not the solution to our problems - it is the problem" and "Within the covers of the Bible are the answers for all problems men face, if we'd only look there."

I'm glad we have some Reaganites and a Reaganite governor leading Wisconsin to better days.