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Letter to the editor: Keep programs for the good of all
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From Nancy Beutel


To the editor:

It saddens me to hear of the tragedy of a father taking his disabled son's and his own life in Madison recently. One of the factors stated that there had been a change in respite for the family. I work at a Work Center for Disabled Adults in Monroe. We provide a safe environment for our 90-plus clients to work and learn vocational skills. We also provide a place so their caregivers have some respite.

Our government would like to close such facilities and find jobs in the community for all clients. Some will succeed, but most will just sit at home doing nothing, and adding to the stress of the caregivers. Transportation is an issue in rural counties. Right now we provide transportation to our Work Center. Who will provide it to these jobs in the community?

Let's not let a tragedy like this happen again because of cuts to programs like ours, which offer dignity and purpose to our clients and respite for their caregivers.