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Letter to the editor: Closing thoughts on Walker's run
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To the editor:

Closing thoughts on Scott Walker's run for the White House:

There are those who feel that Scott Walker is young enough that he still has a future some day of running for president again. But realistically, you just can't cure "goofy" - which is how people around the country who were unfamiliar with Scott Walker came to view him in his short ill-fated run for the White House.

And now that he's really been tested, and has failed so spectacularly, Walker will be forced to stay here in Wisconsin, where he's submerged in the stink of corruption, where a whole boatload of "pay-to-play" scandals are now only going to get much, much, much worse because he can't run away from them anymore, and where he's driven our state into such a massive mountain of debt that the state can't even afford to make payments on it.

During his entire time as governor, Scott Walker has spent so little time in our state that it's been quite apparent since he took office that his main objective has been running for president the entire time. With his "don't look back" slash-and-burn strategy, he's managed to create such a massive mess that he's even alienated the majority of his own supporters. Walker is done here. Running for president was his last best chance to avoid being run out of the state on a rail. This fact has become so apparent that even some fellow Republicans are circulating rumors that a big scandal is about to hit him ... and just maybe that's the real reason he dropped out before "it" hit the fan, and why the money was drying up faster than California.

At any rate, the remaining field of Republican buzzards are now rushing in to pick Scott Walker's carcass clean - and isn't that really just the perfect description for Republicans? Buzzards. Picking the carcasses of what remains of the middle class and poor clean to fatten the richest, most corrupt, and greediest among us?