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Letter to the editor: Candidates should go to middle-class voters
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From LaVern F. Isely


To the editor:

The U.S. presidential election debates get into full swing in September and October for both parties. If the candidates running want to get the vote out to the middle class, they should go to a middle class media source and the best one I've read over the last year has been "The Progressive Populist" from Iowa and that you can read in your Monroe library.

Any candidate running for office should send the publication a letter stating their views. If they don't do this, the editor should contact them and ask for an interview. I believe the newspaper is that good that if the candidates don't do this, they shouldn't be elected to office.

I find terrific written articles in this publication which comes out twice a month on subjects such as why we should have the Glass-Steagall Act reinstated and why we should let the TPP go until a new president is elected to office because, hopefully, there would be some articles written whether they favor it or not and what they would do to improve it.

We're having terrific currency wars in U.S., China, Greece and the European Union. Now, I even hear in Puerto Rico, where the government can't pay their bills. Why banks are making housing loans with no money down and selling the loan to a big bank, which in turn, securitizes them and sells them to Fannie and Freddie. Every time a transaction takes place, there's a commission made by the seller and the risk of default keeps getting higher after each move, even with car loans. Why else do you suppose the U.S., a capitalist country, is borrowing money from China, a Communist country? The number of billionaires are accelerating at a terrific rate all over the world. I've taken articles from "The Progressive Populist," giving full credit to the author and put on my blog site, if you want a small sample of what the publication's views are.

The middle class is in real trouble, particularly with Social Security, where the Republicans are talking about cuts in the program, while the Republicans want to lower the top income tax rate from 39.6 percent to 25 percent for the benefit of their wealthy contributors, such as the billionaire Koch Brothers and others. The big hedge fund dealers, using the phony derivatives currency, are growing to astronomical numbers, replacing smaller commercial banks.