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Letter: Student questions school district's actions
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From Mechayla Rose Zeinert, MonticelloDear Mr. President Obama,My name is Mechayla Rose Zeinert, and this is an issue that I thought I would write to you about.My mom called the school to tell them what my new address was, and the school secretary asked my mom if her and my dad were getting divorced. I am 11 years old, and I even know that that question is not a school policy question and should not be asked. My parents then took the case to the school board and asked for three written apologies: one from the school secretary, one from the superintendent (who said that she needed to ask that question), and one from the middle school and high school principal because he also got into the issue.The superintendent, at the school board meeting, said that it now turned into a safety issue because of my parents' history, and an attorney needed to be involved.