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Let your voice be heard on parking
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From Thurston HansonMonroeThis letter is addressed to business owners, building owners, managers and workers on or near the downtown Square, or for that matter, anyone who shops or comes to the downtown Square. At the next city council Public Safety meeting at 5 p.m. this coming Monday, May 17, at city hall, on the agenda will be discussion on whether or not to implement a downtown regulated parking system. The Chief of police, Fred Kelley, told the committee at the last meeting that he gets lots of complaints about parking in the downtown area, and therefore, he would like the city council to implement some sort of a regulated parking system.I have my views on this, but as your alderman, I would like to know how you feel, or better yet, I encourage those of you who have an interest in this one way or another to attend next Monday's Public Safety meeting.