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Judges thank jurors for their contribution to judicial system
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From James R. Beer

Green County Circuit Court Judge Branch 1

and Thomas J. Vale

Green County Circuit Court Judge Branch 2

To the editor:

September has been designated as Juror Appreciation Month by the Supreme Court of the State of Wisconsin. It is appropriate that we as the Circuit Court Judges of Branch 1 and 2 for Green County, publicly thank all those who have served on juries, answered the summons to come to court for picking a jury, and have filled out the juror questionnaires for being a potential juror here in Green County.

Jury service is one of the two duties each American citizens has, one being to vote and the other to serve on a jury. Here in Green County, when juror summons are sent out, we receive almost 100 percent participation by both potential jurors and those summoned to come to the Justice Center.

The constitutions, both of the United States and of the State of Wisconsin, assure every citizen that they are entitled to a jury composed of their peers. Without the response that we received here in Green County, the jury system would not work and people would be denied their constitutional rights to freedom. We both wish to thank the jurors publicly for their participation in their government and ensure that everyone has the right to a trial by jury.