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Find out as much as possible on candidates
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To the editor:

There is a tax on middle class. The price of gas, if it would be $2, then we would have more jobs. We should not allow exporting oil from the U.S. and stop paying billions of taxpayer money to oil companies. We should find out all we can when they run for office. One way is to find out about Agenda 21 and be sure to see the new Obama America 2016 movie.

If you don't like their candidate, be sure to vote anyway, as if you don't vote it's like giving the other candidate a vote.

We need someone as president who works together like the last time that happened when Clinton was president. He had a Republican Congress and Senate and balanced the budget. If they really want to cut the deficit, then all elected officials should give 10 percent of their salaries as they are the ones who caused it in the first place.

About abortion, the government shouldn't get involved as the people involved have to live with what they decide, not the government.