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Doug La Follette: Fast-food diet for the economy won't work
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Our economy needs a real health program.

Why do D.C. politicians object to athletes using performance-enhancing drugs, and then decide to give our economy a quick-fix shot in the arm?

Yet we feed our economy on junk food bonds, sub prime mortgages, war profiteering, corporate welfare and tax cuts for the rich. And when the economy shows predictable signs of sickness, D.C. politicians vote for more tax cuts, more deficits, and more consumption.

This is supposed to build confidence in the economy? I'd have more confidence if our leaders encouraged personal saving instead of spending, invested our tax dollars in future savings, and started shrinking the deficit.

Instead of more tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy, how about investing our tax dollars in renewable energy like wind power that will save us all money? Instead of tax rebates for mindless consumption, how about tax rebates for home insulation, energy-efficient appliances and vehicles, solar panels, and using mass transit?

Instead of extending unemployment compensation, how about hiring unemployed workers into a new Civilian Conservation Corps that trains and employs workers to weatherize homes, grow and process food locally, and restore our public lands?

An economy addicted to consumption and polluting fossil fuels is not made healthy with a shot of more of the same. The economy needs leaders with the vision and guts to put it on a long-term health-building program and keep the quick-fix pushers at bay.