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Condition of Lake Montesian is ridiculous
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To the editor:

Has anyone drove over to Monticello lately? Have you seen the pond along Wisconsin 69? It just screams we don't care about our town. It is absolutely ridiculous that the City of Monticello has let that pond turn into what looks like literal poop floating in a cesspool, the brown weeds in that pond are an eyesore, and I for one can't stand it. I went to the Monticello city and told them of an easy and cheap solution, but it took them three days to call me back and they didn't seem to interested in doing anything. There is an organic liquid you pour in the pond that blocks the ultra-violet light from getting through and keeps the weeds from growing, and does not hurt the fish, and for that pond would be less than $400 but they ignored it. Oh well, enjoy your gross ugly pond Monticello.

P.S. Why don't they bring back the chain gang and bring all the inmates at the Green County Jail to the pond to pull the weeds since the City of Monticello is such a busy metropolis.