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Can we afford $7M for photo ID?
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From Glen A. Spring, AlbanyPhoto IDs being required for a qualified Wisconsin citizen to vote is a vast overreach perpetrated by the Republicans who control the Senate, Assembly and the Governor's office.While thumping their chests and praising the outcome of our recent judicial election as being honest and stating that the recount proved that Wisconsin voters are, in fact, honest and not involved in widespread fraudulent voting activities, they pushed through a law which greatly restricts voters rights to open and fair participation at the polls. Without any proof of their claims of widespread voting fraud (only fewer than 100 such cases prosecuted) they shoved this travesty upon us.Instead of making it easier for potential voters to fulfill their obligation to their state and local governments, fellow citizens and our democratic society, they have succeeded in placing a roadblock in the process of voting.While the affluent, conservative elements of our society who generally vote Republican may encounter no major problems, the frail, the handicapped, the young and many minorities who generally vote Democratic will find it more difficult.