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Blossoms & Barbs: March 13, 2010
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A blossom to taxed enough for voicing his thoughts on school referendums. > In the past years, Monroe School District has spent $12,000 for pole vaulting mats and $85,000 for gym equipment and a rock climbing wall, goal posts and assorted sports equipment. The school board approves these things knowing if they run short they can just wait for the next referendum. Everyone is cutting back. Jobs are scarce. There will be no raise in Social Security for seniors this year or next. The teachers get regular raises. Companies are freezing wages, downsizing and laying off - when are the school boards going to get it? There is no more money left. The taxpayers have had enough. - No more taxes >

A barb to those county officials> who force-fed the justice center building to the local tax payers and are seemingly unaware of an issue with the masonry work. I am going to expect that you are currently working with the general contractor to correct what seems to be a haze of discoloration on at least two exterior walls of brick facing the northeast. Who was responsible for the final inspection, and maybe union labor isn't what it is cracked up to be? - A taxpayer >

A big beautiful blossom to Spring! The weather has been great lately, and the snow is nearly gone! The family bikes are coming out of the garage and soon the lawnmower too! - Summer Lover >

A blossom to all the area high school teams and athletes on a tremendous winter season. You all worked so hard and overcame so many challenges together. We in the community are proud to support you and were happy to watch you grow as young Americans. - Sports fan in Monroe >

A blossom to Alderman Dan Henke> for choosing to run for State Assembly. I think his experience as a business owner and local politician will serve him well when he wins his election.

Also, a big rosy blossom to Brett Davis for serving us in the Assembly for the last several years. Its so nice to see a local kid grow up and make it big at the state level. - Local politics matter >

A horribly sharp barb to the man who pulled out in front of me > at the Walmart the other day. I was backing out of my parking stall when I looked over my shoulder to see a mini-van driver on a cell phone flying out of their stall after I had already made my move. Not only was it rude, it was dangerous, that person didn't even look where they were going. - Fuming >