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Blossoms & Barbs: Aug. 11, 2012
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A big blossom to everyone who brought tractors and machinery to display at the Green County Fair. We had everything from horse-drawn sulky plows to 1950 tractors. A nice picture of three horses pulling a one bottom sulky plow was displayed. A lot of questions were asked and stories were told by people going trough the display. Also thank you to the Green County Fair Board for allowing us to display our prized antiques. - Bernard Albright, Monroe


I'm not sure if this is a barb or not, because there may be a reason for this, but ... why can't the Concerts on The Square take turns on different sides of the Square? Why not allow the other bars to benefit a bit more by having the setup on their side too? Baumgartner's is the smallest tavern and although a nice establishment, not quite fair that all the concerts are in front of it where it takes 20 minutes to get a drink. There are three other sides, three other taverns that could be shown some loyalty too. - Jordan Michelson