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Blossoms and Barbs: September 15, 2012
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A blossom and barb in one: Thank you to the city of Monroe for finally dealing with the abandoned and inhabitable house at 1011 11th St. I wish the urgency from city council members wasn't because the boarded-up house stood on a major street that draws a lot of folks for Cheese Days, but because it was the correct thing to do for the neighborhood that has had to endure this eyesore for years. - Laurie Genz Prien


A barb to Monroe. I just read article on bullying and I was totally amazed at how many cases were reported in the last two years. I am also appalled that there are not more strict rules and punishment for this offense. This is clearly a problem and needs immediate attention and zero tolerance. I don't understand the hold up. - Anita Lawver