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Bad decisions lead to tattered lives
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In the few minutes between when I roll out of bed and roll off to work, I usually plop in my chair, caffeinated beverage in hand, and watch the beginning of my preferred morning talk show.If you do this for a week or so, you'll notice that the same national news headlines usually lead the broadcast for several days. Since the beginning of May, the Casey Anthony trial has repeatedly been the biggest headline.While I didn't take an obsessive interest in the case like many, I did become familiar with it one groggy half-hour at a time.The story of a young mother, the mysterious death of her daughter, Caylee, and the cloudy allegations that Casey murdered her daughter.And then one morning, as I watched, my phone beeped with a notification. It was a Bible verse.You see, while I am not a "Bible thumper," I do have a quiet faith and hold it with solemn pride.