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Answers to nation's mess simple, attainable
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Would somebody please help me? I watch television, listen to the news, read the newspapers, and I also am exposed to the ideas and thoughts of my friends, relatives, neighbors and others who proclaim to know the reason why we in the USA are in the mess we find ourselves in and how we can correct this problem. I have my own thoughts on the whys, wherefores, how comes, and what-to-dos to correct all the negatives we are facing today.

I can name some of the reasons for these problems (some of which I may be guilty of myself). These include: Money, greed, ego, lying, cheating, and the "Me First" attitude. In my opinion, the majority of these problems could be eliminated by applying only two corrective applications: "The Golden Rule" and "Common Sense."

The needs of humanity worldwide are immense. The needs of our fellow Americans also are immense. Every human being must be afforded "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness." Among these given rights must be: Safety, health care, education, food, shelter, and the ability to live one's life as one sees fit, providing this does not infringe upon his or her fellow humans..

A tremendous problem faces us all. A way to solve it is attainable.

Please, any or all of you, help me.