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Allow GCHS board to keep moving forward
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Members of the Green County Humane Society face a very important decision as they cast their ballots at the annual meeting Thursday. I hope all GCHS members attend this meeting, and carefully consider the progress GCHS has made over the past year and how we can keep these positive efforts moving forward. 

As this community knows all too well, just a couple years ago GCHS was in dire financial straits. It also faced a public that lacked confidence in its leadership. Out of that crisis, a board with new leadership has been able to create financial accountability and build a stronger system of volunteers. They also have laid a solid foundation for the future by forming a committee to study the logistics of building a new shelter facility. They have tackled some difficult issues by allowing adoptions to appropriate outdoor homes and by creating a task force to study aggressive dogs. They have accomplished these goals by reaching out to membership, soliciting input and building consensus. They have strengthened community relations through open communications; instituted better training for staff members; and improved record-keeping at the shelter.

Under this board's leadership, GCHS is stronger and more vital than it has been for many years. Continuity on the board of directors will ensure this momentum continues to move GCHS forward. Anyone who is a member, or anyone who would like to become a member, of GCHS should attend the annual meeting May 7 at Ludlow Mansion. The meeting starts at 6 p.m., but doors will open for registration at 5 p.m.

I encourage you to attend the meeting and vote for Paul Barrett, Mary Jane Grenzow, Heidi Treuthardt and Chris Soukup for another term on the board. They are key members of the leadership that brought this struggling organization back to its feet, and now is moving it forward to even brighter days.