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Actions like Arizona's are needed
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From Arlene Huffman


My praise for Arizona Governor Ms. Brewer on her action in signing a law which deals with illegal aliens, stopping them at the border and declaring them illegal. What part of illegal don't the liberals understand? They do not have rights as they are law breakers, felons.

We are a nation founded on laws. Does anyone consider the risks of safety concerning the drug runners toting guns? Illegals voting is what the liberals are counting on not the safety of American citizens. Let's get the borders secured with or without the liberals regime consent.

We must also have photo IDs to prevent voter fraud, much to the chagrin of liberals who count on those votes. And, where was the media on the violent protests in Phoenix?

You can't say that about our peaceful Tea Party movement.

They are the basic peace-loving people who believe in the U.S. Constitution. Faith, hope and charity is what they are promoting.

How many illegals are in the state of Wisconsin taking advantage of all the services provided to them freely and they know how to apply for them.

Also having to hire more teachers to teach them our national language of English. More taxes. This action is atrocious. When will it stop?