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A big thanks to officers who came to aid of family
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To the editor:

I would like to express our family's gratitude and thanks to the men and women of the Green County Sheriff's Department and the Monroe Police Department. These folks often go without thanks for the job they do protecting and helping citizens and often do more than is necessary to show that they care. It is that caring attitude I am writing about.

Our daughter, Leslie Boyle and her husband Jamie, had a crisis I wouldn't wish upon anyone. Their 4-year-old son Colin became ill last February with what was later discovered to be heart failure. Colin was diagnosed at Monroe Clinic Hospital, rushed to the Children's Hospital in Madison and then to the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. Had it not been for the excellent treatment he received at each hospital, Colin would have surely died. Instead, Colin received a heart transplant in April and is now home and doing great. My wife and I, as well as all our family members, are truly grateful for the wonderful job all the medical personnel provided Colin.

Leslie is a Green County jail officer. She and Jamie literally lived in the hospital for the several months that Colin was being treated. Leslie and Jamie, like many of us, really couldn't afford to be off work for several months, but with Colin's condition, they chose to stay at his side. Leslie's co-workers at the sheriff's department and Monroe police officers took up a collection while fellow officers volunteered to cover her shifts, so Leslie and Jamie wouldn't have to face a financial burden at a later time. The Monroe Police officers also took up a generous collection, which was a godsend to Leslie and Jamie. If there were some brown uniforms lying around the Monroe Police Department, I'm sure a few of the Monroe cops would have tried to cover a few of Leslie's shifts as well.

The medical personnel, EMS and all involved in Colin's treatment and recovery did a wonderful job; but a job they have been trained to do. The cops who helped Leslie and Jamie did so on their own. They volunteered their time, collected donations, and really went above and beyond the call of duty. These law enforcement officers are truly professionals and we can never thank them enough for all they've done. They deserve a great big blossom.