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Wrestling to the extreme
Times photo: Mark Nesbitt Luther College assistant coach Billy Huebner, left, uses Monroe sophomore Kevin Klopfenstein to instruct wrestlers on various techniques to help them earn back points at the Extreme Wrestling Camp.
MONROE - Fifteen wrestlers worked on perfecting their chicken wing, half nelson and cross face moves at the seventh annual Extreme Wrestling Camp Monday at Monroe High School.

The first day of the three-day camp taught by Luther College assistant coach Billy Huebner drilled wrestlers on the techniques of parallel turns to score back points.

"I get excited because I have been working with some of these kids since kindergarten," Huebner said, who conducts wrestling camps nationwide. "You get to see them grow up. I love coming back."

Drake Ingold, who will be in fifth grade at Parkside School in the falL, has attended Huebner's wrestling camp since kindergarten.

Ingold said he was hoping to learn new moves. His favorite move is using an arm bar to gain the upper hand in a match.

"It's easy to pin them (the opponent) with it," he said.

Monroe sophomore Kevin Klopfenstein set a school record with 40 wins last season and was the first Monroe freshman to qualify for the WIAA Division 2 state wrestling tournament since Steve Grossen in 1984.

"I have a lot of hard work in the summer," Klopfenstein said. "It will be tougher to get back to state. I can always learn new moves."

Tyler Hoesly, who will be a sixth grader at Brodhead Middle School in the fall, attended Huebner's camp for the fourth year. Hoesly wrestled at the youth state tournament and said he wanted to learn more moves with his legs.

"My favorite move is the double leg takedown," Hoesly said.

Huebner has the opportunity to work with some wrestlers beyond youth, middle and high school wrestling.

Huebner uses the camp as a recruiting tool. Monroe alum Gavin Wels just finished his freshman year wrestling for Luther College.

"He has a lot of potential," Huebner said. "He is learning about college wrestling. Success doesn't happen over night. He has to put in his time."

Huebner also is keeping tabs on another potential Monroe recruit.

"Hopefully, we can get Dylan (Schwitz)," he said.

Monroe Middle School wrestling coach Jim Ingold, who also is the coordinator of the MAST youth wrestling club, said the wrestling camp may be moved to November before wrestling season starts in conjunction with the Pecatonica High School area that now hosts a camp at the end of July.

"We are thinking about doing it in the fall because then I think you will get a lot more kids," Ingold said. "It's hard in the summer. I thought it would be good to do it early in the summer before the kids get into their summer activities."