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Moe shoots to national NBA Skills title
Photo submitted Judas Kylie Moe won the national NBA Skills Challenge championship in the girls 9-10 year-old division in Orlando, Fla.
JUDA - Juda 10-year-old Kylie Moe has created some hoopla after winning a national championship in the Junior NBA Skills Challenge in Orlando, Fla.

"I was so excited because it was a big thing to win," Moe said. "It was the best of the best. When I walked down on the floor, I felt my heart pounding. It was really intense. When I found out that I had won, it was really amazing."

The national Junior NBA Skills competition on May 15 included a right handed layup, shot from the free throw line, dribbling around cutouts of NBA players, passing to a coach and receiving a pass and then finishing by shooting a right handed layup. The competition was based on time.

Moe, who entered the national competition with the fastest qualifying time in the nation for 9-10 year-old girls, said it was a dream to compete for a national title. To qualify for the national Junior NBA Skills competition, Moe had to be in the top four times out of each NBA city hosting a state competition.

"I was hoping I would," she said about winning the national title. "It was kind of hard to think that."

Moe and other national qualifiers were given the red carpet treatment as officials played the Chicago Bulls introduction song as qualifiers ran out and gave parents and NBA players high fives. Five NBA players including Vince Carter, Nick Anderson, Bo Outlaw and Bruce Bowen demonstrated the NBA Skills Challenge course to players. Moe received an autographed basketball from the players.

"It felt like you were an actual NBA player," Moe said. "It felt like Milwaukee, which was the site of the state competition. I was going against people from all over and it made it more intense."

At a dinner on May 14 at the Hard Rock Café Bob Lanier and Bowen gave an inspirational speech pleading with competitors to thank their families for the support.

Moe was honored at an awards ceremony May 16 at the Hard Rock Hotel. She received a trophy and an NBA duffle bag filled with NBA apparel including shirts, hats from various teams and LeBron James photos.

Moe plans to go after another national title next year.

"I hope I can make it to Milwaukee and back to nationals," Moe said. "Now I have so many memories and it was a great experience."