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Edwards fights to kick cancer
Submitted photo: Ed Edwards with his wife, Vicki, who is battling brain cancer, were honored by the Darlington cross country team as the Redbirds did a run across Wisconsin for the Lafayette County Relay for Life.
DARLINGTON - A history and social studies teacher who doubles as a teacher on the basketball court doesn't take anything for granted.

Ed Edwards, a history and social studies teacher at Darlington, was informed that his wife, Vicki, had been diagnosed with brain cancer last summer.

Vicki experienced a couple of electrical impulses through her body and her mouth that prompted a visit to the emergency room at the University Hospital in Madison on July 28, 2008. She underwent a CAT scan and an MRI revealed a tumor.

"I felt like this can't happen," Ed said. "It happens to other people. You see it in the movies. It did happen. It can happen to you and it happened to us. We were totally stunned."

Ed coaches eighth grade boys basketball and seventh grade girls basketball and he served as a varsity assistant coach when Darlington won a state title in 1990. He has been thrilled with the support from the Darlington community.

"We are honored that they would think of us and do that for us," Ed said. "We are just fighting the disease like so many people do."

"She was never really sick," Ed said of his wife, who beat breast cancer in 1985.

Ed said hospital officials at first thought it may have been an anxiety attack.

Vicki had surgery July 30, 2008 and she has been battling to beat brain cancer since.

She went through radiation treatments which ended in October. She has undergone chemotherapy treatments and received input from Mayo on clinical chemotherapy treatments she was also receiving. The chemotherapy treatments ended in June.

Ed said the tumor hasn't grown any larger. She still is having an MRI every month.

"She's Swiss. She's a fighter," Ed said. "She beat it once. We are going to live one day at a time and thank God when the tumor is gone."