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Where's Brenda: Dec. 11, 2009
This week's photo
Every Friday, Times photographer Brenda Steurer will show readers a photo of where she's been. Can you guess where she is? If so, e-mail Editor Jeff Rogers at or post your guess as a Reader Comment. Names of those with correct answers will posted online the following Friday. Good luck! LAST WEEK'S ANSWER: LA IGUANA RESTAURANT, JUDA

There were 14 correct answers:

Bob and Phyllis Keen, Brodhead

Deb Fitzgerald, Brodhead

Molly Salzswedel

Bud Zimmerman, Juda

Jordyn Steinmann

Lauren Keegan

Bill Clark, Brodhead

Rick Alston

Judy Hale

Scott Shippy

Caleb Ahrens

Sheen Marsh

Amber Thomas

Becky Colorado