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Well woman program provides screenings
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MADISON - Thirty years after the first National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, held in October 1985, the disease remains second only to lung cancer in the number of cancer deaths in women, according to Wisconsin health officials.

"Today, we know much more about this disease, including the importance of regular breast cancer screenings to catch the disease early and get women into treatment sooner," State Health Officer Karen McKeown said.

To help accomplish this goal, the Department of Health Services Wisconsin Well Woman Program provides breast and cervical cancer screenings statewide to eligible women aged 45 through 64.

"While many women now have access to breast and cervical cancer screenings through private health insurance or BadgerCare, our program is committed to providing these life-saving screening services for women who continue to need them," McKeown said.

Low-income women historically have not accessed early detection and treatment services as frequently as other women.

The American Cancer Society estimates there will be more than 4,300 new cases of breast cancer and more than 700 deaths from breast cancer in Wisconsin this year.

The main factors that influence a woman's risk of breast cancer include age (most breast cancers are found in women who are 50 years old or older), family history and inherited genetic changes.

The Wisconsin Well Woman Program coordinator for Green County is Jennifer Froh. For more information, call her at 608-847-9373 or visit the Wisconsin Well Woman Program at