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Warning signs of an abuser
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MONROE - Green Haven Family Advocates in Monroe provides clients with a list of warning signs that a person could be abusive.The signs are:• The person displays violence against other people.• When angry, they resort to violence.• Jealously of your friends, children, family and job.• Charming in public, aggressive in private.• Feels they have rights over you.• Blames you for their problems and behavior.• Criticizes you often for your appearance, weight, clothes, etc.• You're afraid of what they might do if you end the relationship.Green Haven can be reached at 325-6489 or on the Web at Haven Executive Director Alice Franks-Gray suggested people use Wisconsin Circuit Court Access and the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry to find out information about people they're dating or people family members are dating.The Wisconsin Circuit Court Access Web site is The Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry Web site is