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Violent sexual offender gets release hearing
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MADISON - A state appeals court has ordered a release hearing for a former Monroe man committed as a sexually violent person after he was twice convicted of sexually assaulting a child.In an opinion released Thursday, the District 4 Court of Appeals concluded that the petition seeking the discharge of Charles M. Ermers Jr. from confinement fulfills the requirements for a hearing that Green County Circuit Judge James Beer denied Ermers in 2009.Ermers, 44, was convicted in Green County for sexual assault of a child in 1986, released from prison in 1993 and convicted again on the same charge in 1995. As Ermers was about to be released from prison in 2003, he was committed to a secure treatment facility under the sexually violent persons law after a finding that there was a "substantial probability" he would engage in acts of sexual violence.Ermers was periodically assessed for his risk to re-offend if released. In September 2009, he filed a petition to be released based on the "substantial probability" standard to reoffend had been changed to "more likely than not" to reoffend, and a psychiatrist's favorable report.Hired by the court as an independent evaluator, Dr. Craig Rypma found that Ermers continued to have a mental disorder-pedophilia-that predisposed him to commit acts of sexual violence.