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Veterans Park: For those who sacrificed
Dwight Allmon, a Korean War veteran, stands beneath a line of flags he and a couple of volunteers raised at the front of South Wayne's Veterans Memorial Park earlier this week. Allmon was the driving force behind the park. (Times photos: Anthony Wahl)
SOUTH WAYNE - Tucked between the Cheese County Trail and Wisconsin 11, lies a little piece of land "dedicated to the men and women of South Wayne and surrounding area who served and sacrificed to preserve democracy." The inscription, chosen by veteran Dwight Allmon, a long-time resident of South Wayne and its municipal judge for 32 years, is engraved on the memorial stone standing at the center of the park, surrounded by the flags of the United States, State of Wisconsin, Prisoners of War/Missing In Action, and each branch of military. Allmon is also at the center of that park, which was dedicated on Nov. 10, 2001.