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Threat to homes lingers after storm
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MONROE - After the first major snowfall of the season, Green and Lafayette county residents spent the next couple of days shoveling sidewalks and driveways.

There is something else to think about after a heavy snowfall - the roof.

Melting snow followed by cold temperatures can cause ice dams, which could pose a threat to a house, according to a statement from American Family Insurance,

"Ice dams can form on rooftops when melting snow runs down the slope of the roof and freezes at the edge. As more melting snow accumulates behind the ice, the water can seep into the home, causing property damage to drywall, carpeting and cabinets. In serious cases, it can even collapse ceilings," the statement said.

American Family suggests to avoid ice dams:

• Keep the attic's temperature as close to the outside temperature as possible.

• Clear the bottom six feet of the roof to allow melting snow to reach the rain gutters and drain to the ground.

• Use tools such as rakes or snow pullers. They can be used by a person standing on the ground.

• Inspect gutters from the ground to see that they have not pulled away from the structure, and that they slope towards the downspouts. Clean gutters and downspouts to allow unobstructed flow of running water to the ground.

• Install an ice and water shield along the lower three feet of the roof and valleys. This rubber covering is placed under the shingles and seals around nails to prevent dammed up water from seeping through the roof.