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The gift that keeps giving
Christie Huber, Manny Bautista and Laurie Athey, Bautista's fiancee, talk about their story in Bautista and Athey's home Monday in Gratiot. When Bautista, who has stage-4 kidney disease, posted on Facebook he was in need of a kidney transplant, Huber decided she wanted to be the one to donate to him. Huber and Bautista have been friends since she and her husband, John, owned Baumgartner's. Although the Hubers have been living in Colorado for the past 10 years, they have still kept in contact with Bautista. (Times photo: Marissa Weiher)
GRATIOT - Social media has become a powerful force in the everyday lives of much of the planet and connects those who would otherwise be long forgotten. Sometimes it can even bring about change, and for two people it recently created a life-changing opportunity. Christie Huber is a native of Monroe who has been living in Woodland Park, Colorado, for the past 10 years.